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Emergency Responsibility Service

By enrolling as a TRANS TIME Emergency Responsibility Donor, you put the TRANS TIME team "on call" to freeze you. TRANS TIME reviews all of the legal arrangements you have made for suspension, suggests any changes or additions we believe are needed, and notifies you that we are on call to suspend you. More than anything, your subscription helps ensure that a highly competent suspension company is available when you need it. Your Emergency Responsibility fees help TRANS TIME to maintain and upgrade equipment so our services are always first rate. Here is a summary of your Emergency Responsibility benefits.


• Provides the Donor with the MasterForm document to be filled out.

• Uses the completed MasterForm to automatically fill out the complete set of legal documents needed for cryonic suspension. You need merely sign these, and have some of them witnessed.

• Maintains on file originals or copies of all the Donor’s legal and funding documents for suspension.

• Notifies the Donor of inadequacies in their legal and financial arrangements.

• When these arrangements are in order, accepts responsibility to place the Donor in cryonic suspension upon their legal death.

• Maintains the Life Line 24 hour emergency phone notification service, in order to respond rapidly to the Donor's death.

• Assists in arranging the Donor's transport from the place of death to our California facilities.

• Maintains at our facilities equipment and personnel in a continuous state of readiness to initiate suspension procedures such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, cooling of the Donor's body, and injection of appropriate pharmacological agents.

• Maintains necessary equipment, chemicals, supplies, and personnel ready to conduct all Phases of the suspension of the Donor.

• Provides a wallet card with emergency instructions for the Donor to carry.

How to Sign Up:

To sign up for Emergency Responsibility Service, view the TRANS TIME Emergency Responsibility Enrollment Form, print out a copy, fill it out completely, and mail it along with appropriate payment (see the form) to:

3021 Teagarden St.
San Leandro, CA 94577

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