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Legal and Financial Arrangements
for TRANS TIME Donors

TRANS TIME offers complete cryonic suspension services to persons, called Donors, who have made the necessary legal and financial arrangements to be placed in cryonic suspension upon legal death. For your convenience, we have outlined the sign-up procedure below.

To become a Donor, you must:

  1. Enroll in our Emergency Responsibility Service. This must be done before we can process the rest of your Application.

  2. Provide funding for your cryonic suspension. We currently recommend that Donors provide a minimum of $150,000 for whole-body suspension. Part of this sum pays for the initial costs of your suspension. The balance is placed in your trust fund, with the income used to pay the continued cost of maintaining you in suspension. The best way to provide funding is through cryonics life insurance, which any insurance company can write. You must make TRANS TIME the beneficiary of at least $50,000 of your policy, and execute a collateral assignment of your policy to TRANS TIME. If you already have cryonics life insurance, ask your agent for the forms for change of beneficiary and for collateral assignment.

  3. Complete the Application for the TRANS TIME Suspension Program. This Application asks you to make several choices to express your wishes on issues important to someone making suspension arrangements, and can usually be completed in less than one hour's time. (The Application will be sent to you once you have enrolled in our Emergency Responsibility Service.)

  4. Execute the required legal documents enabling TRANS TIME to take possession of your body upon legal death and place you into cryonic suspension. These documents will be generated using our AutoForm Service, based on the answers you provide in your Application.

If you've already considered cryonic suspension and have decided to make arrangements with TRANS TIME, then by all means, get the ball rolling by signing up for our Emergency Responsibility Service.

If you're not yet ready to enroll, but would like further details about the required legal and financial arrangements for cryonics, please contact:

John Rodriguez
3021 Teagarden St.
San Leandro, CA 94577
Phone: (510) 346-8846
Fax: (510) 346-8847
Email:jons@transtime.com href="mailto:transtimeinc@hotmail.com">transtimeinc@hotmail.com

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